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Adlee had a big weekend! We took her to a LOT of new places! She loves being out & about…whew!

Thursday: First trip to Beer Run

First photo shoot!

Friday: First Fridays After Five

First trip to X Lounge to meet Francois.  He even brought her a drink of her own…a shot of water!

Sleeping in on Saturday:

Hanging out with daddy:

Sunday: First overnight trip to Richmond- Capital Ale House & The Jefferson Hotel

She is really starting to like sounds & toys!

Adlee was one month old on July 9th…time flies! She was a little grumpy during our photo shoot that morning!

Our 2 year anniversary was on the same day so we had fish tacos and champagne at home to celebrate! The next night, ‘Grammy & Gramps’ watched Adlee while we went out to dinner to celebrate again!

We kicked off the 4th of July the night before with a party at Relay Foods (Chris’ work).  Adlee slept through most of the party but when a couple of the guys started playing guitars & banjos she woke up and LOVED it! Looks like we will have to take her to see lots of live music!

On the 4th I made a red, white & blue breakfast while Adlee slept in her ‘first 4th’ onesie.

It was HOT in C-ville so we decided to head up to Wintergreen for their 4th of July celebration where it was much cooler.  She slept through most of that too!

It was a busy weekend for the Bullards! Chris was a groomsman in Brady & Sarah’s wedding at Ashlawn on Saturday so we left Adlee with my parents for the first time on Saturday night.  She did great and we had so much fun at the wedding.  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Kirby!!

I had my first glass of wine…I was so excited I had to take a picture of it!

On Sunday, Chris spent some time napping with Adlee while I did a little shopping!

On Sunday afternoon we decided to drive out to Colleen for the opening of Blue Mountain Barrel House! Adlee had her first tailgate diaper change and her first brewery tour!  I got to have my first beer tasting since she was born too.  All of the new Barrel House brews are AWESOME…my favorite was the Local Species!

By Sunday night we were all very tired so Adlee and Scout had naptime together!

At the hospital:

Going home!! This is the blanket that me, my mom, aunt Beckie, uncle Woody and all of my cousins went home from the hospital in!

Checking out the backyard.  Chris picked her ‘locally grown’ going home outfit.

Meeting her sisters- Scout & Ellie

She LOVES to be swaddled! Doesn’t she look like a burrito?

Father’s Day!

Yep, she’s Daddy’s Little Girl!

She loves her blanket made by Shannon!

First stroller ride with her quilt made by Theresa

First Baby Bjorn walk!

Adlee’s Birth Announcement:

I meant to post at 40 weeks pregnant but I guess I never got around to it because here we are almost a month after Adlee was born and I’m just getting around to posting again.  I didn’t plan to do a ‘baby blog’ but I’ve been looking at all of these sweet pictures we’ve been taking of her and I decided that I’ll add to this ‘journal’ as often as I can so she will hopefully be able to look back at this one day when she’s older to see what she was up to early in life!

Here are a few ‘belly’ shots from the 9th month:

Me at Martha Jefferson Hospital (for the first time!) We went in on Friday, June 8th in the morning but they sent us back home. 

After heading home, I started having contractions at around 3pm that afternoon.  We headed to the hospital around 9pm that night and Adlee Elizabeth Bullard was born the next morning (June 9, 2012) at 10:09 am.  She was a bit larger than we expected- 9 pounds 4 ounces and 22 1/4 inches long. I was SO scared of the hospital & labor but I have to say it was a pretty amazing experience and of course she is totally worth it!

30 weeks..whoa! I just can’t believe we only have 10 weeks to go! Last week was a VERY busy one so I decided to do a lot of relaxing this past weekend.  It was nice to spend some time at home with the doggies, chickens and Chris…and, I didn’t touch my computer at all until Sunday night. 

We spent a lot of time outside and my parents came over for dinner and to see Baby B’s cute little room on Sunday! A great weekend and I’m feeling much better this week! I went to yoga on Saturday and Darcey and I walked the Monticello Trail tonight which felt really good.  I find that when I exercise, I feel a LOT better overall!

A couple of Thelma & Louise from the weekend…

Well, here we are at 29 weeks and it was a very productive weekend around here! Yeah, it’s pretty early but we have a VERY busy Spring so I wanted to get a head start.  Saturday morning I unpacked the smaller stuff that we already have for the nursery and it is looking so cute! I still want to do a couple of decorating projects but here is a little tour of the nursery so far! I LOVE the changing table not only because it’s really cool but because Chris made it himself!

If you read Chris’ blog you know that we’ve been doing a bit of stroller research lately (Check out his post, Stroller Wars) and we actually found the one that we wanted on Craigs List this weekend! We were looking there because the orange one that we really wanted isn’t made anymore and we were really lucky to find a great deal on one that was only used for a very short time! My mom was even headed to Richmond today and was able to pick it up for us. Check out Baby B’s new ride, the Bumbleride Indie!

As if that wasn’t enough, Chris also spent ALL weekend working in the yard and our raised gardens look AWESOME!! By Saturday afternoon, I was feeling like a big slacker to so I did a little yard cleaning up and then planted a few flowers to make the front porch pretty!

Everyone had been saying that ‘the belly’ was really small and not even very noticeable but after the last few days, I think those days are over! I tried to take a photo of myself but it didn’t work very well so I had Chris take one from a distance too! I think it’s funny that Ellie is looking up at me like I’m nuts in the one I took!

We even ‘practiced’ putting the cloth diapers that Kathy & Desmond were nice enough to pass on to us on a teddy bear! :)

Between getting all of this done and working almost all day today, I am TIRED!!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Once again it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! It seems like time is just flying by…I am already 25 weeks pregnant.  How is that possible!?!?  I am feeling really good and the doctor says everything is looking great! We had the big ultrasound a few weeks ago and managed to get through it without finding out whether Baby B will be a boy or girl! We really do want it to be a surprise in June but it’s tough when it’s right there in front of you! I wasn’t planning to ‘publicly’ share any of the ultrasound photos but this one is pretty funny…the little guy (or girl!) had their feet in front of their face & arms behind their head most of the time! They are looking pretty ‘laid back’ to me.  Hopefully that continues once they are born!

I *think* we’ve chosen 2 names which we’re keeping to ourselves for now because who knows if we will change our minds since we hear new ones every day! In the meantime, whether it’s a boy or girl, they have two (and just 2 so far!) pretty cool outfits waiting for them!  Chris chose to put together plaid shorts, a BYOB shirt, a Red Sox bib and John Deere socks.  A bit ‘boyish’ since I believe he’s thinking it’s a boy.

I, however, decided that the kid needs some JMU purple and gold (Go Dukes!) so I bought everything I could find here in UVA land.  With all of these layers, I guess they will be warm at Homecoming this year at least!!

In other news…Chris has started a blog about his backyard & baby adventures:  He’s been doing lots of work to get the yard ready for Spring.  The chickens have an upgraded coop and he’s already working on a raised garden! Oh, and I’m sure he will soon be blogging about how much he hates Pinterest since I keep finding all kinds of cool stuff for him to build on there.  Check out this storage/changing table that he built last week.  Don’t worry, it’s super sturdy and we’ll be adding a changing pad to the top.  I just couldn’t see buying a ‘real’ changing table that I know I’ll never use when there are cool options like this in the world!

I thought January was going to be a quiet month but it was another crazy weekend! On Friday, my Grandly moved into to a nursing home.  I was very sad that she needed to go there but she joked that maybe she’ll meet a boyfriend :) and it sounds like she’s actually enjoying all of the activities that they offer, and the food! I am looking forward to going to see her this week.

The Big Big Bennie-Fit on Saturday night was a lot of fun and a big success! Nelson County Life shared some great photos HERE.  The place was packed! It was really cool to see so many people coming together to help out Bennie & his family! 

Chris reminded me that Saturday was also the 3 year anniversary of the first time we met.  Awww… So we went to Fry’s Spring Station for a little celebration on the way to the Bennie-fit.  I had been wanting to try it for a while and it was really good! It was some of the best wood-fired pizza I’ve had recently…except for from the back of the Dogtown truck, of course!

Today I took a little road trip to Culpeper to meet up with some of my JMU friends! Random location but it’s pretty much central to all of us so we thought we’d check it out.  We had lunch, checked out some of the cute little downtown shops and then ended the day with a great cupcake!   There were really 5 of us there + Sarah’s daughter, Camryn but I only got a photo of Darce, Danielle and I.  It’s so nice that we are all so close 15 years later! 15 years…ouch!

Sadly, while I was road-tripping, Chris called to tell me that our favorite chicken, Arlene, was killed by the neighbors dog.  I never thought I’d be so sad over a chicken.  I guess these two really did become more like pets.  We will miss you, Arlene!